Support & Funding

The center for school, education, and higher education research supports the continued training and advancement of its members as well as its own further development, both financially as well as in terms of structure and content. From the financial perspective, the center supports mainly cross-disciplinary research projects (start-up funding) through its own calls for tenders; these research projects are of interdiscplinary nature and are characterized by a high level of innovation, and a multitude of methods. Financial funding is primarily directed towards research projects that lead to further thematic development and expansion of the center, for example, through undertaking of collaborative research projects, or during the preparation process of (hopefully promising) applications for funding from third-party funds providers, such as the DFG (German Research Foundation), and the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research). Depending on the call for tenders, it is also possible to apply for financial support of (thematically) relevant conferences and publications. In terms of structure, the center (financially) supports mainly junior researchers in many different ways. For this purpose, the center organizes workshops in quantitative and qualitative methodology, training courses for (financial) application processes and related consultations; futhermore, the center supports mini-graduate colleges. The academic profile of the center is supplemented by the knowledge of its members about calls for tenders with important third-party funds providers (in the context of research consulting and application consulting), the organization of interdisciplinary workshops, national and international symposia, meetings for the purpose of facilitating networking and application processes, and the organization of lecture series.