Higher Education research

In Germany, higher education research is a relatively new research area. Theoretical and empirical research focus on didactics/science of teaching methodology, educational governance at university level, quality improvement, and organizational development. Through the center’s assistance and due to the cooperation with members from both social science and economics, numerous projects were undertaken in recent years that focused on questions about university administration, study courses, and processes of learning and teaching. Furthermore, research projects were carried out that address competence orientation and competence research by measuring and modelling methodological and technical competencies/capabilities of students. Significant insights were gained into students‘ motivation to study, the success of their studies, and the quality of courses and learning events. This research will further be intensified at JGU through national and international cooperations; research will be supplemented by questions that tie in with existing research desiderata, such as the study of careers in science, the impact of interventions at universities, and the improvement of academic disciplines.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Uwe Schmidt is the representative member of the pillar of higher education research within the ZSBH.

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