Our members are researchers and scholars, who engage in interdisciplinary research and who are involved in projects in the research areas of school, education and higher education research. The Forum for Didactics/Science of Teaching Methodology, that consists of representatives from different areas of didactics at JGU, is part of the pillar of school research.

Researchers and scholars from other universities and colleges, as well as junior JGU researchers, are invited to apply for associated membership. Members with associated membership status, as well as junior JGU researchers, are given the opportunity to participate in ZSBH activities. However, they are not eligible to vote. ZSBH supports research activities (research) of researchers and scholars in many different ways.

Upon approval of your ZSBH membership, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to different networking formats and opportunities to encourage networking with researchers, both within and outside of JGU, as well as networking with representatives of education policy and educational governance
  • Participation in joint working groups/centers within the main research faculties and institutes at JGU and collaboration with other research institutions
  • Regular implementation of interdisciplinary workshops on methodology focusing on quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • The fostering of application-related and project-related experience, for example, through financial support during the initial application process and/or during the preparatory stage of new research projects
  • The initiation of doctoral and research colloquia, as well as small post-graduate research groups
  • Regular information about current research support programs, as well as workshops and events for researchers and scholars

The coordination committee of ZSBH decides on the approval of new members (full members and associated members). Member listings on the ZSBH homepage include first and last names, academic title, institute/faculty and email address. This increases the visibility of a member’s profile and, at the same time, strengthens networking activities among ZSBH members. Please let us know (preferably as soon as possible during the membership application process), if you do not want to be listed in the members‘ listing (contact us).

If you are interested in becoming a member, please feel free to fill in the provided application form (Form in German only).